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Adeelle Hair Salon is your premier destination catering to all hair types, providing services such as hair cutting, hair care, modern styles, and overall excellence in full-service treatments. Our committed team places a high priority on meticulous client care, guaranteeing that every visit becomes a transformative experience. Explore the artistry of hair care at Adeelle, where expertise seamlessly combines with a passion for attention to detail.


  • Hair Cut
  • Installation
  • Braids
  • Treatment
  • Silk Press
  • Consultation

Experience a precision haircut tailored to your style.

A flawless and naturally enhanced appearance, elevating your style with precision and finesse."

Elevate your look with intricate braiding styles.

Transforming confidence, one strand at a time.

Experience the allure of a flawless silk press, unveiling sleek, lustrous locks that redefine beauty and confidence!

Squad goals achieved from brides to Bridemaids, we got you covered.


T: +17812668319


Mon (10am - 7 pm)
Tues - Fri (3:30 pm - 7 pm)
Sat (10am - 7pm)
Sun (1pm - 6 pm)


903A Main Street Waltham MA. USA.